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family chores, for: - family to do list

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family chores to do list,  for:  - family to do list
never hear, "I thought you asked (insert other family member here) to do that," again. expectation may be the root of all heartbreak but we still need to convey our expectations to those we share a home with and, as it seems you're the one in charge (because you're reading this), this list will help you clearly assign and define what those expectations are whilst reminding everyone that they're doing it for the good of the family not just the meanie taskmaster assigning them.
4"ish x 5"ish with 50 tear-off pages

need to get your to-do on? here are five awesome reasons why people can't get enough of these little life-savers:
1. get your act together: no more "wait, what was i supposed to do again?" know exactly what's on your plate and what needs your attention first. and, how much you can procrastinate and still get things done…
2. memory boosters: got 100 tabs open at the same time? jot down those tasks, and your future self will thank you. no more worrying about forgetting something crucial, only remembering where you put the list...
3. crushing goals, one checkmark at a time: checking that little completed bubble. gives you motive-ation. and, you can do a reverse to do list = write down everything you already did and feel proud of yourself (not sarcasm, you should feel proud) 
4. time wizard: plan your day like a pro, to make the most of your precious time and, if you don’t get it done, you can always add it to tomorrow’s list (stop the glorification of busy)
5. track your triumphs: these little success trackers are like having your personal cheerleader, cheering you on for every task you've completed!
plus, everything is easier when you have a smile on your face and these are pretty smile inducing… so, toss this straight into your cart, and continue writing the story of your accomplishments, one line at a time!

*all products are handmade and may have imperfections

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