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take the nap before the nap takes you - re~minder magnet

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MAGNET take the nap before the nap takes you - re~minder

3.4" x 3.4" glossy finish

lots of people love to nap but it's not optional for someone living with narcolepsy. if they fight off the nap, eventually it will take them. i've found, having lived all but 11 years of my life with narcolepsy, that if i take the nap before i'm desperate for it, i come out the other end a LOT better.

i discovered this by doing nap time tests, i just call it that, it's not a medical term lol although it should be. i started with trying to take a 10 min nap and see if it helped. i did it several days in a row and it was just a tease and left me feeling more tired and more desperate to sleep. i increased it... 15 minutes, 20, 30 and then eventually discovered 40 minutes is my "sweet spot." it works out perfectly for me on an hour break schedule... 10 minutes to get ready, 40 to sleep and 10 to wake back up again.

and i feel better than i did right before the nap and i skip all those "i need a nap" symptoms - watery eyes, excessive yawning, head-bobs, clumsiness, inability to focus, concentrate, remember, do calculations, restless leg syndrome, hallucinations and general achiness from my fibromyalgia + myofascial pain syndrome. naps ARE medicine for me. once I came to a place where I accepted that, i really didn't care who didn't accept it.

in a perfect world i would not have to force myself to wakefulness enough to continue with my day in 10 minutes. often i'll extend my lunch to give that to myself but i know that's not possible for everyone. this is another big reason why i created this website, so that i can live around my narcolepsy instead of shoving myself into a neuro-typical box and hurting my quality of life in the process. so, thank you for purchasing from this site as that helps me do that, while also spreading awareness of how happy matters... no matter what.

AWARENESS, please note: narcolepsy is still a rare disorder that takes 7-10 years to get diagnosed in individuals. and even though i've been diagnosed a very long time, advances in understanding it and treating it have been slow compared to other illnesses. so, believe me when i say - no two people have narcolepsy exactly the same. sleep deprivation wreaks havoc on a body and is far reaching into every "operating system" of a meatsuit. many many co-morbidities. an auto-immune component (for type 1). all that adds up to often having MULTIPLE issues...

i have 9 disabling disorders and a plethora of symptoms that come with them. after being a narcolepsy advocate for the last 14 years i can tell you that it often happens where people say "that's not narcolepsy" or "my friend who has narcolepsy does/doesn't." i'm only one person but my narcolepsy has been markedly different at least four times in my life... from excessively sleeping literally for years, to only needing one nap a day, to excessive daytime sleepiness and multiple naps, and now for the last several years, i've been locked in an insomnia cycle. so if you are, or know, or love someone with narcolepsy and they tell you something they're experiencing - believe them. period. it's IMPOSSIBLE to understand unless you live through it.

if you have narcolepsy, i have a lot of content online but not the standard content, my stuff digs into the emotional aspects of living with narcolepsy and tweaking your life to accommodate it. CLICK THIS SENTENCE to go to my blog and see my posts related to narcolepsy.

CLICK THIS SENTENCE to go to my youtube channel and watch a playlist of my narcolepsy related videos.

CLICK THIS SENTENCE to buy me a coffee and help me keep going :)

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