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be someone you'd want to hang around with - round re~minder magnet

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be someone and you'd hang around with. round re~minder.

3.4" x 3.4" glossy finish

making friends was always difficult for me. i went to a very small elementary school and the kids in my class didn't like me. i was annoying but no one ever explained that to me, or showed me ways to not be annoying.

i was isolated a lot as a kid and didn't have good role models around to learn how to "behave" in a way that people liked. it continued like that until I was in my 30s. despite reading "how to win friends and influence people" several times, I was never able to shake the relationship killing habit of gossip.

gossip is social currency that bankrupts your soul. avoid it at all costs and you'll find not only do you have better days but you feel better about yourself. and you attract friendships that don't revolve around drama bonding, people pleasing or talking about others behind their backs.

in order to break the habit, i had to give up my "need" to be liked by people, i had to stop having certain conversations that always led to me spilling tea, and i had to stop sharing my reality because it sounded like complaining... sometimes facts are hard to listen to.

i continued to re~mind myself to be someone I'd want to hang around with and this led to me having some truly deep, meaningful and mutually loving friendships with people literally all over the world. the kind of friends you just pick back up with as if no time has passed. i'm ok. you're ok? great! back into the melee we go.

if you do not have friends and you cannot figure out why and no one will be honest with you about it WATCH: how to reboot your personality (how not to be annoying):

and the short, how to stop being annoying:

if you want one-on-one help from the happiness guru, figuring out what it is about you that's keeping you from having the kind of relationships you long for, visit: now and start living your best life.

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