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come as you are and let me love the real you - round re~minder magnet

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come as you are and let me love the real you. round re~minder.

3.4" x 3.4" glossy finish

most of my life I acted like who I thought other people wanted me to be because most of my life people didn't like the "real me." i didn't really have friends until i was in my 30s. i had a hard time with social graces and boundaries. with years of working on myself, i am happy to say i am still friends with several of those lovely people i met back then.

many times in my life I have had love with people who were pretending to be someone they were not - be it platonic love or relationship love - they "pretended" to be a certain way with their words and just never quite got there with their actions. i was no different, really.

as a person with multiple chronic illnesses it was hard for me to "love myself exactly as i am" and re~minding myself that if i am who i truly am all the time, the people who dig that will show up, stick around, whatever.

if i come to the table as something other than myself, the people can't love the real me because they don't even know her. so when you show up to a friend, show up as who you truly want to be and let them love the real you.

friendships were challenging for me. as someone isolated a lot as a kid and living with undiagnosed narcolepsy for 11 of my formative years, and living through trauma, i didn't understand a lot about social graces and i felt needy and desperate for friends and that showed up in the way i walked through the world. eventually, through loving my real self, i was able to find the strength to no longer "need" people to like me.

i did a video about it. WATCH: what happens if i don't need people to like me?

*all products are handmade and may have imperfections

if you're ready to get to know your true self and step into your personal power and you need some one on one guidance from the happy matters guru, visit:

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